Introduction to University

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is a municipal multidisciplinary key applied research-oriented university with engineering as its core, where engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, art and other disciplines are well in coordinated development. In 2018, USST became a pilot unit for the construction of “a high-level local institution of higher education” in Shanghai.

The history of USST goes back to the University of Shanghai established in 1906 and the German Medical and Engineering School founded in 1907. In 1906, the Northern and Southern Baptists of the United States established the University of Shanghai on the shore of the Pujiang River. In 1907, Dr. Erlich Paulun, a German doctor, established Die Deutsche Medizinschule für Chinesen or German Medical School in Shanghai, to which an engineering school was added in 1912. In 1928, when Dr. Liu Zhan’en (1896-1938), an educator, patriot and social activist, served as its first Chinese president, the University of Shanghai was fully integrated into China’s national education system.

Website: https://iso.usst.edu.cn/

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