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Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU), the second petroleum university in the People's Republic of China, was founded in 1958, and is now administered and supported by Chinese central government and Sichuan province local government, with the latter playing a bigger role. In 2013, it was honored as one of the 100 universities included in the “National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China”. In September 2017, it was included in the first batch of “double first-class initiative” universities in China. In 2020, SWPU has been included in the lists made by ARWU and U.S. News.


Currently, there are 38606 full-time students (including part-time master-degree candidates), of which 30829 are undergraduates, 6301 master-degree candidates, 963 PhD candidates, and 513 international students. Five first-level programs have been authorized to offer doctoral degree and 20 first-level programs to offer master's degree. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, a first-class program, was rated as A+ in the fourth national discipline assessment, ranking the first in China. Engineering, chemistry and materials science have entered the world top 1% of ESI.


Website: https://www.swpu.edu.cn/oice/index.htm


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