Introduction to University

Lanzhou University of Technology (LUT) is located in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu province. Founded in 1919 as Gansu Provincial Technical School. LUT witnessed a hundred years of development and now has grown to be a top multi-disciplinary university which feathers solid foundation in engineering, increasing development in science fields and unique characteristics in liberal arts.In 2019, more than 500 international students from more than 40 countries were studying in LUT.

Year of Establishment : 1919
Current President/Principal : Rui Zhiyuan
Number of Students : 29.5 thousand
Number of Teaching Resources : 2309
Facilities :

The university has two campuses, covering an area of 2430 mu, with a building area of 1.07 million square meters. The library has 2.48 million books and 1.16 million e-books.

Student Welfare :

The university has a modern library with a building area of 45 thousand square meters.The gymnasium is equipped with basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, gymnasium, with a construction area of 8319 square meters. The university has 10 student restaurants, 2 of which are halal restaurants to meet the diversified catering needs of students.


The university is jointly constructed by the People's Government of Gansu Province, the Ministry of education and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for national defense. It has been selected into the national "Basic Capacity Construction Project of Colleges and Universities in central and western China", "National Innovative Experimental Plan for College Students", and "Excellent Engineer Program" of the Ministry of Education. The university’s Engineering, material science and chemistry are among the top 1% of ESI in the world. It has a Confucius Institute under construction,which is located in Ukraine National University of Technology in Vinnytsia. It has joint “The Belt & Road" University Alliance and Shanghai Cooperation Organization University. So far, LUT has established cooperative relations with over 40 universities around the world. 



New non-ferrous metal materials and advanced processing, high-end equipment and CNC processing equipment, new energy technology and equipment, petrochemical process equipment, industrial control and information technology, civil engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation, etc.



1. Undergraduate programs:High school diploma. 

2. Master's degree: bachelor's degree certificate and degree certificate (pre-graduation certificate is acceptable).

3. Doctoral program: master's degree certificate and degree certificate(pre-graduation certificate is acceptable).



Application method / registration website:

1.President scholarship and self funded students: https://lut.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx

2.Chinese government scholarship: http://www.campuschina.org/


Registration fee / registration fee: ¥400(no registration fee is required for Chinese government scholarship applicants)


website: http://sie.lut.edu.cn/



1. Undergraduate programs:¥14,000-16,000/year

2. Master’s programs:¥18,000-20,000/year

3. Doctoral programs:¥24,000/year


Work study: not available



Double room:¥6,000/year

Single room:¥12,000/year


Living cost



1. Chinese government scholarships: available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation, comprehensive insurance as well as living allowance(undergraduate programs:¥30,000/year; master’s programs:¥36,000/year; doctoral programs:¥42,000/year)

2. President scholarship:available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The first class scholarship covers 100% of tuition fee, 100% of accommodation and a living allowance of¥15,000/year; The second class scholarship covers 50% of tuition fee, 50% of accommodation and a living allowance of¥12,000/year.



Language of Instruction: Chinese                                                           

Duration: 4 years

☆Duration(41,42):5 years                                                                                                                                                                           

Tuition fee: ¥16,000/year

#Tuition fee(33-39,46)=¥14,000/year 

●Tuition fee(43-45)=¥20,000/year

Program Name

  1. Materials Shaping and Control Engineering
  2. Metallic Materials Engineering
  3. Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering
  4. Polymer Materials and Engineering
  5. Welding Technology and Engineering
  6. Functional Materials
  7. Automation
  8. Electrical Engineering and Automation
  9. Electronic and Information Science
  10. Robotics Engineering
  11. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
  12. Industrial Design
  13. Textile Engineering
  14. Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering
  15. Energy and Power Engineering
  16. Mechatronic Engineering
  17. Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering
  18. Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentation
  19. New Energy Science and Engineering
  20. Civil Engineering
  21. Engineering Management
  22. Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering
  23. Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering
  24. Geomatics Engineering
  25. Engineering Cost
  26. Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
  27. Process Equipment and Control Engineering
  28. Chemical Engineering and Technics
  29. Environmental Engineering
  30. Applied Chemistry
  31. Security Engineering
  32. Computer Science and Technology
  33. # Business Administration
  34. # Information Management and Information System
  35. # Accounting
  36. # Marketing
  37. # Monetary Finance
  38. # International Economy and Trade
  39. # Financial Management
  40. Industrial Design
  41. ☆ Architecture
  42. ☆ Urban and Rural Planning
  43. ● Visual Communication Design
  44. ● Product Design
  45. ● Environmental Design
  46. # Chinese Language and Literature


Language of Instruction: Chinese                                                                                                                       

Duration: 3 years                                                                                                                                                     

Tuition fee: ¥20,000/year 

#Tuition fee(42-44)=¥18,000/year

●Tuition fee(58)=¥25,000/year

Program Name

  1. Material Physics and Chemistry
  2. Material Science
  3. Material Processing Engineering
  4. Electric Power System and Its Automatization
  5. Power Electronics and Power Drives
  6. Control Theory and Control Engineering
  7. Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering
  8. Testing Technology and Automation Devices
  9. Systems Engineering
  10. Module Identification and Intelligence System
  11. Circuits and Systems
  12. Renewable Energy and Smart Grid
  13. Electrical Engineering
  14. Control Engineering
  15. Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
  16. Mechanical Design and Theory
  17. Industrial Engineering and Management
  18. Materials and Chemical Industry (Textile Engineering)
  19. Engineering Thermophysics
  20. Thermal Power Engineering
  21. Power Machinery and Engineering
  22. Fluid Machinery and Engineering
  23. Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering
  24. Mechatronic Engineering
  25. Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering
  26. Hydraulics and River Dynamics
  27. Hydrology and Water Resources
  28. Structural Engineering
  29. Geotechnical Engineering
  30. Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering
  31. Bridge & Tunnel Engineering
  32. Architectural Material
  33. Environment Engineering
  34. Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
  35. Chemical Process Equipment
  36. Chemical Engineering and Technology
  37. Computer & Application Technology
  38. Communication and Information System
  39. Signal and Information Process
  40. Computer System Structure
  41. Internet of Things Engineering
  42. Enterprise Management
  43. Accounting
  44. Management Science and Engineering
  45. Fundamental Mathematics
  46. Computing Mathematics
  47. Applied Mathematics
  48. Operational Research and Cybernetics
  49. Theoretical Physics
  50. Atom and Molecule Physics
  51. Condensed Matter Physics
  52. Optics
  53. Solid Mechanics
  54. Engineering Mechanics
  55. Physical Electronics
  56. Radio Physics
  57. Architecture
  58. Design
  59. Biological Engineering
  60. Pharmacy
  61. Biology and Medicine


Language of Instruction: Chinese                                                                                                                         

Duration: 4 years                                                                                                                                                     

Tuition fee: ¥24,000/year

Program Name

  1. Material Physics and Chemistry
  2. Material Science
  3. Material Processing Engineering
  4. Control Theory and Control Engineering
  5. Testing Technology and Automation Devices
  6. Systems Engineering
  7. Module Identification and Intelligence System
  8. Renewable Energy and Control Grid
  9. Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
  10. Mechanical Design and Theory
  11. Power Machinery and Engineering
  12. Fluid Machinery and Engineering
  13. Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering
  14. Mechatronic Engineering
  15. Engineering Thermophysics
  16. Thermal Power Engineering
  17. Structural Engineering
  18. Geotechnical Engineering
  19. Disaster-Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protection Engineering
  20. Bridge & Tunnel Engineering
  21. Architectural Material
  22. Chemical Engineering and Technology
  23. Information Engineering of Manufacturing System


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