Special Notice

Published At: 1 Jan 2023 12:00 AM (Sun)

Since 2005, the Association has been engaged in sending students to study in China, assisting in referring local students to study in China. We are reviewing and revising our operations, processes, scope and services for implementation in 2023.

Only our partner universities will be available for referral, meanwhile, the application fee for referral will be adjusted to RM120 per university immediately. Each applicant is allowed to apply for no more than 2 universities through the total referral of the LIUHUA.The application deadline for each university varies, please comply with the university's deadline and overdue applications will not be processed.

Students are no longer required to apply for recommendation letters from their school principals/class tutors. The Association will only process letters of recommendation from the recommenders required by individual universities.

Thank you for this notice only.

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